Alman’s Dried Fruit and Nuts was founded in 1996 when one man decided to put his lifelong dream in action. Supplying South Africa with the widest variety of quality dried fruit and nuts from around the world.

In June 1996 this man traveled the world in pursuit of the finest quality product available. He visited 12 countries and over 100 nut farms and fruit drying facilities.

Here we are now, 20 years later and by developing and growing over the past 20 years, Alman’s has created a lifestyle solution for people who are passionate about health. Providing South Africans with the healthiest products sourced from around the world is still our dream and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Here at Alman’s, we are nuts about health and that’s our promise from our family to yours.

Alman's Product Range
Alman’s Product Range

Here Are Our Values

  1. Trust
    Without it we would not be where we are today.
  2. Passion
    We exist to help people who are passionate about health.
  3. Commitment
    We work to ensure that our customers get the quality they deserve.


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All of our nuts are dry roasted and contain zero oil. We dry roast our nuts because it reduces the water content found in the nuts, which in turn concentrates the nutrients of the nuts. This is why our nuts are crispy, healthy and scrumptiously tasty.

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Alman’s houses over 200 different types and variants of nuts and dried fruit. All of our products are packaged by us with over 70 dedicated staff ensuring we do not miss a beat. We also provide packaging solutions for retail brands throughout South Africa.

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We offer distribution and marketing expertise that help our customers make critical purchasing decisions and expand business. Our company has spent over 20 years building relations with our customers to ensure that Alman’s is found in the majority of retail stores across the country.

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Our vast sourcing capabilities set us apart from our competitors. They enable us to catalog industry trends, anticipate shortages and to develop new sources. This allows us to consistently serve our customer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


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Alman’s imports high quality products from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Our reach is continuously expanding because of our loyal customer and supplier base who appreciate our quality service and products.

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What separates us from the rest is the care and precision we take in transforming a raw product into a crunchy moment of happiness.

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State of the art machinery and thousands of helping hands have helped fine tune our factory into what it is today.

Alman’s Dried Fruit and Nuts is HACCP certified and found to adequately comply with the requirements of:

SANS 10049 requirements for prerequisite programmes (PRP’s); ISO/TS 22002 prerequisite programmes on food safety; Codex Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles; Food Safety management System requirements as guided by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI); Applicable laws, regulations and compulsory specifications.


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Tel: +27 11 397 4585

Tel: +27 11 397 4686

Email: almans@yebo.co.za

Physical Address
226 Brakpan Road,
Boksburg East,
South Africa

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